Oct 11

How To Receive The Best Psychic Readings Possible

Are you ready to find answers to some of the unanswered questions in your life? Have you considered getting a psychic reading? A psychic reading can help you with many things. Some folks desire a reading in order to close a chapter in their life and open a new one, while others want to know what a career move or new relationship has in store for them. A psychic reading can help you with many things in life. Are you prepared to get the most out of your psychic reading?

Go Into Your Reading With An Open Mind

Even though you might have a specific question you want answered, your psychic reading is best done when you go into it with an open mind and heart. This is because nothing is set in stone. The universe grants us all free will, and we can use this free will to our benefit. Synchronicity exists in the world, and everyone’s path interconnects. This is why very specific questions aren’t always easy to answer. It is far better to go to your psychic reading with a general inquiry, and remain open to the ways of the universe.


Be Prepared For Patterns

Your life might feel chaotic, but the truth is there are patterns in everything. Sometimes you have to step back in order to see them. A psychic reading often enables people to notice patterns they keep repeating. Some of these patterns can be eliminated simply by recognizing them, while others need more psychic work in order to move forward. Sometimes a pattern jumps out during the first few moments of a reading. There are also more subtle patterns that only emerge as the reading progresses. Be prepared for them to emerge and for a weight to be lifted off your shoulders once they do.

What Does A Good Reading Feel Like?

You will probably know you are receiving a good psychic reading within the first couple of minutes. All of us have intuition and most of us find it activated when we are in the presence of positive spiritual energy. It’s important to go into your reading with a positive attitude. While you’re waiting for your appointment, take some deep breaths and tell yourself you are going to breathe out the negative. It’s particularly important to do this when you are inquiring about something serious that’s going on in your life. You do not want your own negative energy to influence your reading.

When Your Psychic Reading Is Done

Many people feel refreshed and empowered once their psychic reading is done. This is because a live psychic reading will make sense and will help you make the choices you might have to make. Most psychics try to emphasis the positive about their client’s personality and situation, and this positive energy will transfer to you during the reading. You might leave with new questions about your future. Many people find that what they learned from their reading enables them to answer those questions on their own.

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Jul 12

Is 13 An Unlucky Number? 2013 Psychic Predictions

A lot of people think that 13 is an unlucky number. Does this mean that 2013 will be a year full of unlucky events? Yes. There are people who predict the future for a living. Let us find out how 2013 will be for the entire world. Below are what top psychics, mentalists and seers tell us on what may be in store for all of us in 2013.

Is 13 An Unlucky Number? 2013 Psychic Predictions
  • Finally, there will be a comprehensive reform law on major immigration signed by the end of summer because of bipartisan support.
  • Enactment of a global U.N. tax to help in funding disaster relief and, of course, poverty.
  • Development of a telecommunication device for a telepathic mind-to-mind device to help people with mental illness communicates better.
  • The three countries will experience an earthquake after the church bell ring and this will be in Philadelphia, Connecticut and New Hampshire.
  • A ceasefire is seen in the Middle East which happens before the end of summer. Spiritual leaders will emerge to bring stability in countries with conflict.
  • Supreme Court Justice will step down because of an illness.
  • A reincarnation of Princess Diana is believed to happen as Prince William and Kate will be having a baby girl.
  • The fault line in New Madrid will be more active from late September to October.
  • Three airline companies will merge to make one umbrella company as a major carrier in the United States goes bankrupt.
  • The Saudi Arabian dynasty will be attempted to bring down after another royalty dies.
  • A severe drought will happen in the Southern United States, the greatest ever seen in more than one hundred years that will start in February by drying up a part of the Mississippi River or completely in other major tributaries.
  • The fascination of President Obama with Abraham Lincoln’s history will lead him to make a book about the former president.
  • Pneumonia related problems for Pope Benedict XVI will be diagnosed.
  • New laws for a more specific legislation on civil rights for immigrants, handicapped, gays and lesbians, minorities and those suffering from mental illness will be forged.
  • The emerging features in movie theaters of 3D and 4D will make some people nauseated and sick after watching the films.
  • Political and traditional religious viewpoints will be unpopular in the near future as political correctness will become the norm.
Is 13 An Unlucky Number? 2013 Psychic Predictions

After reading the 2013 psychic predictions, let us be hopeful and prayerful that everything will happen with a purpose.

Jul 12

Psychic Magazines of Your Choice

Literally, there are hundreds of magazines to choose from that offer alternative and enlightened ways of thinking and paranormal views. The magazine that suits you will help you understand the things going around you. Here is a list of psychic magazines that may take your interest.

Psychic Magazines of Your Choice
  • Spirituality and Health – a magazine that talks about ideas and advice self-tests, products, practices, essays and news and a virtual community that is dedicated to living a more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling life.
  • Body and Soul Magazine – a bi-monthly magazine that covers a range of spiritual, new age and ecological topics with categories like music and book reviews. They also give free samples.
  • DWIJ Webzine – a webzine run by volunteers with a variety of contributions from worldwide renowned writers, artists and scholars to make the planet a better place to live in.
  • New Frontier – this magazine offers current issues, mailing lists, marketplace and an advertising information.
  • New Renaissance – a journal released quarterly with a progressive and holistic perspective on issues local and worldwide.
  • Life Positive – an online version of a magazine that features an archive section, chat box plus regular articles about holistic, spiritual, metaphysical and new age topics.
  • Aquarius – the magazine answers and supports increasing awareness of spiritual growth.
  • Lightworks – released monthly with astrology, visionary art gallery, forecast of daily Astro-weather, daily comics and affirmations.
  • Circles of Light – publishes on a weekly basis that contains original columns and articles about metapsychic and astrology.
  • Sacred Journey – an interfaith magazine that offers prayers and meditations, personal stories of healing, spiritual leaders review, poetry and spiritual thoughts from different traditions.
Psychic Magazines of Your Choice

These are few of the psychic magazines that will help you seek answers to the questions that have been going on your mind about the psychic world.

Jul 12

Free Psychic Advice About Love: Helpful Tips to Be The Partner You Want To Find

There are many psychics who give free psychic advice about love. In this article, a psychic gives some helpful tips to be the partner you want to find.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, the most powerful indicator is the way you are living your life. Always, actions speak louder than words. If you want to have a loving, carefree and harmonious relationship, act it yourself. On the other hand, if you desire a partner who is conscious in health, you have to be that way too.

By being the partner you want to have, you will eventually fall in love with yourself. Indeed, life is about living, not hoping and waiting. Here are a few ideas on how to find a partner.

Free Psychic Advice About Love: Helpful Tips to Be The Partner You Want To Find
  • Move your body. Exercise is important in a life well lived. Go for a walk or go to the gym and get moving. You will meet people who respect their bodies towards health and longevity.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Know the shortcomings that you have and evaluate your assets. When you know the parts that you have, you will also know what other parts you need. You are trying to look for a guy that fits your well-being because in the future you will be building a team. In this way, you will be able to create a lifestyle of comforts and joy.
  • Connect with nature. Sometimes, the inner peace and joy are felt by spending some time outdoors. Plant a flower in your garden, visit a local park to just sit and ponder on anything.
  • Laugh often, long and loud. Many people believe that laughter will bring us closer to divine energy. Look for a mate with a healthy sense of humor. Often, laughter is the most vital factor in a successful marriage.
  • Be available. An attitude full of hope and openness is a preferred lifestyle than one full of anger and frustrations. There is beauty in all things. Your mate will have this too.
Free Psychic Advice About Love: Helpful Tips to Be The Partner You Want To Find

After all, in finding a lover, you are the best asset. The good intentions inform your actions and these actions will send a clear message. Write down an affirmation of daily relationships. You are capable of loving and someone will be capable of loving you back.

Jul 12

The Australian Psychics Association Have Cast Their Votes

The number of members of the Australian Psychics Association is growing each year. In 2004, they started to give honor and recognition to psychics who made an extraordinary impact in the psychic industry. The awards were given to the members of the association and were greatly valued as a reason to celebrate for psychics in Australia. In 2013, the following awards were given to deserving winners.

The Australian Psychics Association Have Cast Their Votes

Psychic of the Year Award goes to Debbie Malone. She is a highly respected and acclaimed psychic, psychometry expert, clairvoyant and spiritual medium. She also specializes in paranormal through spirit photography and has talk shows in both radio and television, conducts workshops and private readings on how to attune to the spirits of the world.

Psychic Hall Of Fame Award goes to two veterans in the psychic world. They are Amanda Hall and Kawena. This award is given to a psychic who has committed his whole life to the field of psychic with thirty years minimum experience. Amanda Hall is a teacher, astrologer and a clairvoyant. She started very early reading about the different modalities. In the 80’s, she designed a tarot course for the public and introduced tarot studies in Queensland in the 1990s. Second hall of famer is Kawena, who is eighty-four years old. Her interest began late until she met a gypsy who offered to teach her how to read tea leaves and it was for pure fun. Until then, she was hooked with the idea and read and studied for many years. From then on, reading tea leaves has taken a back seat and she started Angel Oracle Cards, conducted meditation and workshop classes.

Other prestigious awards were given to the following:

  • NSW Psychic of the Year is Amanda Roussety
  • VIC Psychic of the Year is Rene Barics
  • QLD Psychic of the Year is Juanita Pearce
  • WA Psychic of the Year is Kathleen Kelsey
  • TAS Psychic of the Year is Jenny Stanley
  • ACT Psychic of the Year is Alex Fulford
  • SA Psychic of the Year is Barry Gray

Now, it would not be hard for you whom to go to when something is bothering you. The list of awards is an indicator of how capable and trustworthy these psychics are.

Jul 12

How Animal Psychics Work

Do you have pets at home? If you have, have you ever wondered if they can figure out what you are thinking? Think of the instances when your cat hides when you plan for a trip to the veterinarian or your dog just runs in a circle after thinking of going out to play. These instances have logical explanations.

How Animal Psychics Work

However, animal psychics explain these things differently. According to them, the owner communicates with their pets telepathically at all times, without knowing it. Your cat hides or your dog plays because of the signals you are sending with your mind but not because of the actions you made.

Animal psychics are claiming that they can take this further. They can communicate with animals intentionally using their minds. For a certain fee, they can relay telepathic messages to and from your pets. All they have to do is talk to the owner through a phone conversation or in person and use the descriptions or photographs of pets to make the contact.

Below are specific reasons why pet owners need the advice of animal psychics.

  • The pet got lost and the owner wants to know where it is or encourage the pet to go back home. Not all animal psychics can take cases of missing pets.
  • The pet is behaving in an unusual manner and the owner wants to know the reason and how to stop it.
  • The pet gets very sick or injured badly, the owner wanted help if they can have it euthanized.
  • The pet dies and the owner wanted to contact the spirit. There are few animal psychics who act as mediums for departed pets.

This kind of communication in animals is called a paranormal phenomenon. It is a combination of clairvoyance and telepathy as most animal psychics explain it as energy. This is the reason behind why animal psychics can contact animals whether they are far away or are still living.